Mirjana Zigic photography, Set Square One

Pilates and Yoga Studio Reception

The reception area of the Pilates and Yoga studio is where the first impression of your company starts. It is important that you get this area right. The reception area directly reflects your Pilates and Yoga studio values. Starting from the design of the reception, cleanliness, to the friendliness of your staff.

A pleasant reception area has a fresh, hygienic entrance. This gives the effect that you are an organized, detail orientated company and simply care about the health and safety of your clients.  The sitting area should be a clutter-free area where clients can relax, chat while waiting for their class to start.

The atmosphere of the studio should be friendly and positive.

One of the main reasons for a good atmosphere is the friendliness of your staff. Your receptionists should be smiling. They are the ‘face’ of your Pilates and Yoga studio and first point of contact. They should be able to call customers by their names, be helpful, and use eye contact to generate trust and a sense of support. The reception staff should have great knowledge of your products.

You should think of the reception in your Pilates and Yoga studio as an essential part of your brand image and one that welcomes customers into business with you. Most importantly, you want your customers to keep coming back.

It is really important to put a lot of thought and care into your reception, the same as you would be doing with building the website or interior or any other r part in building your Pilates and Yoga studio.


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