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Are you thinking of opening your Pilates or Yoga studio? Or do you want to take your current studio to the new level? We will show you the steps to set up an efficient, profitable and successful studio.

We can help in many areas of your business, including determining your niche, studio interior, branding, scheduling, hiring and training of the staff, policies, choosing equipment, setting prices and much more.

Logo & Brand Identity

A Brand’s identity is the visual expression of a brand that is communicated to and visual experience. An identity system and guideline manual allow for the consistent use of the brand’s identity through all consumer touch-points allowing a brand to be easily recognized and gain awareness in the marketplace. A brand identity creates an emotional connection and reflects the brand positioning and desired image.

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Design plays a relevant role in wellness. Studios around the world are stepping up their aesthetics by tapping leading designers to create their spaces. A few elements we believe are key to creating a beautiful workout space: good lighting, nice floors, a neutral palette, plenty of ventilation, celling and some interesting and playful details.


Photography can play an integral part in your brand communications: it can be casual and friendly, conservative and corporate, or sleek and polished.

Your photography should be more than just filler. Let us help you tell your brand story and allow users to access the narrative associated with your product or service. Great marketing photos are an investment that pays for itself tenfold when done with care and precision.

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