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What Retail Items should I sell in my Yoga studio?

With the growing popularity of Yoga studios, selling retail items is simply expected by most of the Yoga studio members. If you have dismissed the idea about selling yoga retail items at your Yoga studio, maybe it is time to reconsider.

In the last few years, yoga retail sales have increased. More studios are optioning to sell yoga clothes, equipment and accessors and for a good reason. On average retail sales at yoga studios will bring 10 – 20% more revenue.

Think about this… to practice yoga you actually don’t need much. You need a mat. Everything else is a bonus. If you do sell mat at your studio you simply are helping your clients and saving them time to go to the store and buy a mat themselves. As a Yoga studio owner, you should know the quality of the mats that you offer at your studio, therefore helping your clients pick the best choice for them.

This is also all part of great customer service as you are making a whole experience pleasant and easy for your client.

Remember, it is not important to have every brand and color available. You should offer 2 – 3 different styles and colors for both men and women.

Besides yoga mat, you could also sell yoga pants and tops, yoga straps and blocks as well as small items such as yoga malas, water bottles, and yoga bags.

All of the retail items will depend on the studio space and you need to be wise about it. If you don’t have much space, you should consider displaying one sample of each item and keep the rest in the storage area.

Even, if you are not so keen on the idea, the extra income will give you more possibilities and time to share your passion for yoga.



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